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Current Officers

The Arizona Archaeological Council is managed by a board of directors. Composed of eleven people, the offices are the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Information Officer, the Editor of the Journal of Arizona Archaeology, and four (4) Members-at-Large. The Immediate-past-president and the Editor are non-voting members of the Board of Directors.

Board-of-Directors (2024)

President (interim)

Chris Caseldine

Curator of Collections, Assistant Research Professor

Arizona State University

Term of service: 2024

Fun Fact: I turned 21 twice.

Immediate Past President

Matt Guebard

Integrated Resource Manager / Archaeologist

National Park Service, Southern Arizona Office

Term of service: 2024

President Elect (pro tempore)

Katherine Shaum


Tonto National Forest

Term of service: 2024

Fun Fact:  As an intern, once ran miles through the forest in the middle of the night carrying a bucket of live mice.


Christopher Taylor

Cultural Resources Project Manager

WestLand Engineering & Environmental Services

Term of service: 2024-2025

Fun Fact: I have attended 85 Phish Shows (And Counting).


Information Officer

Andrew Vorsanger, M.A.

Senior Cultural Resources Team Lead for Arizona

SWCA Environmental Consultants

Term of service: 2023-2024

Fun Fact: I used to work as a cheese monger in a French restaurant in New York City.


Daniel Garcia, M.A., RPA

Archaeologist - Senior Cultural Resource Management Specialist

Salt River Project

Term of service: 2023-2024

Fun Fact: Hot dog.

Editor of the Journal of Arizona Archaeology

Caitlin A. Wichlacz, M.A., RPA

Doctoral Candidate

Arizona State University

Term of service: 2024-2025 

Fun Fact: My family name is Polish and originally contained a letter not present in English (ł). The Americanized pronunciation we use is approximately "Witch-Lazz"


Joshua S. Edwards, M.S. RPA

Principal Investigator

Cornerstone Environmental

Term of service: 2023-2024

Fun Fact: I was the youngest member of the Willamette Agate and Mineral Society at age 7.


Jay D. Franklin, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator / Senior Project Manager

Westland Resources, Inc.

Term of service: 2023-2024


Bruce G. Phillips, M.S.

President / Owner

BGP Consulting LLC.

Term of service: 2024-2025

Fun Fact: I grew up on Saipan in the west Pacific and also lived in Hawai‘i. Having studied Oceania prehistory, I am currently analyzing pollen from taro fields beneath urban Waikiki.


Rebecca Renteria, M.A., RPA

American Indian Initiatives Outreach Coordinator

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Term of service: 2024-2025

Elections are held for open offices in the fall. The offices of President Elect, President, and Immediate Past President are held for one year. All other offices are held for two years, with two Members-at-Large elected each year to facilitate continuity. The duties and responsibilities of the AAC Board members can be found here: AAC OFFICERS DUTIES

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